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Search  for offer from a design patent for the Wall-Standing Clock on the pc screen.


The Wall-Standing Clock as analogous dail on the pc screen. For example with sound mechanism to every full hour. Possible with moon Phase, date and weekday. Although as startpicture and screen saver.




Heinz-Peter Schmid


mailto: H.P.S.Design@web.de




Offer for design patent as Wall-Standing Clock, as licence in  a factorydrawing, for single and more licences


Dear interested Person,


I offer you a factory drawing. This it is for the Wall-Standing Clock, as you can see at the photos above. This copy is valid as single license and it is not for sale again. It exist a design patent for Germany and U.S.A.. This factory drawing it is with all measures in inch available.


You can  willingly the individual introduction for the arrangement. If it is the materials choice, colors, surface consistence. Although the pendulum clock mechanism with sound mechanism. For what the clock box with his resonance add.


For the pendulum clock mechanism I can only recommend the company:

Selva Technik  GmbH & Co. KG in Germany, E-Mail: Service@selva.de respectively  www.selva.de .

They make pendulum and stroke mechanism. Its pendulum and stroke mechanism are fit the clock box. Please make a look at there pendulum mechanism. And order the assembly measures, with drawing. The company transmit you willingly the measures with E-Mail.

This Wall-Standing Clock was designed and produced from myself. The pane it has a phase cut. The working hours are between 100 hours and 120 hours. Including 20 hours for the noble birlant surface.

You can give a order to you carpenter of your confidence.


As alternative can you contact a watchmaker master, with the work to produce a watch mechanism with punch mechanism.


If the clock mechanism is not fit in to the Wall-Standing Clock. It is to big or to small. You can every time change the measure from the Wall-Standing Clock. To adapt it. The carpenter will do the adaption from the clock boxes. To change it.


The inside measure from the clock box it is,

height: 58,66 inch, breadth: 18,04 inch, depth: 10,43 inch.


The measures in German:

Höhe: 1490 mm, Breite: 458 mm, Tiefe: 265 mm.


The all outside measures for the Wall-Standing Clock it is,

height 80,35 inch, breadth: 27,17 inch, depth: 13,23 inch.


The all outside measures from the Wall-Standing Clock in German:

Höhe: 2041 mm, Breite: 690 mm, Tiefe: 336 mm.


I wish you much fun at the order and design with the Wall-Standing Clock, the factory drawing.




Heinz-Peter Schmid


mailto: H.P.S.Design@web.de